Mind4 Project: The World’s Smart Drone

A newly-launched drone project is up on Kickstarter. The Mind4, being promoted as the World’s First Android Based Smart Drone, is developed by Airmind which started their campaign two weeks ago.

First, what makes Mind4 a unique drone is it does not require a pilot nor GPS to command it. Smart it is, right? As the world’s first android based drone, Mind4 can follow any subject, recognize body gestures only by using computer vision. The Mind4 has a built-in HD camera, acting as the ‘eye’, which is used to recognize and track subjects of interest. To do aerial shots, you can mount either GoPro, or any other camera on Mind4’s gimbal system as the filming camera.

Making it all the more exciting is the Mind4’s ability to understand and follow body gestures which the user can combine with the smart drone’s “auto follow feature” — for example, by the waving of the right hand, the drone will come closer; raising both hands will make the drone shoot a picture.

The makers believe that an easy-to-use, intelligent drone is the answer to the challenge faced by mountain climbers, snowboarders, weekend warriors, and others keen on availing aerial photography services that find themselves with products that are hard to master. Most of drones on the market require comprehensive skills in piloting and filming, which is very hard to master for most people. Some products intended to use GPS technology to achieve auto following, but due to GPS inherent errors, it may not work as expected.

Airmind is hoping to reach their targeted funding of $100,000. To date, the campaign has garnered 18 backers, $13,823 so far pledged with 26 days to go until December 23. If successful, their vision of changing the way how people operate the drone and take aerial shots, will hopefully see fruition.

For those wanting to upgrade their drone photography services minus the hassle of complicated maneuvering, Mind4 is photography drone to try.


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