Making Aerial Photography Drones Mainstream

The maker of one of the most popular drones for aerial photography services wants to make their drones mainstream, CNN reported recently.

The company’s ready-to-fly Phantom photography drone makes it a “global leader,” in small unmanned aerial systems according to Frost & Sullivan, a research group. DJI believes drones like the Phantom will soon become another “camera in your bag,” allowing photography enthusiasts to embrace “dronies” with same fervor as “selfies.” Read more here

Meanwhile, there is a new photography drone on the block. The latest aerial offering is the PlexiDrone by DreamQii, a midrange drone for photographers who don’t want to mess around with additional complicated technology. White and unremarkable-looking, the PlexiDrone is simple to put together — just snap in the four propellers and two pieces of landing gear. It can hold a GoPro, the drone photographer’s camera of choice because of its light weight, or other lightweight cameras and camcorders. See more here

One real estate company owner decided to add drone photography services to his business.

James Evans is the founder of Premier Photography, a Houston-based company that specializes in real estate photography and videography. About three months ago, Evans decided to add a new service to his nearly 4-year-old company: aerial photography and videography. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars an hour for helicopter or plane rides, Evans purchased a DJI Phantom quadcopter and outfitted it with carbon-fiber propellers, a GPS unit, and a remote-controlled gimble with a GoPro (Nasdaq: GPRO) camera. After two full-day lessons from another local drone photographer, Evans set off on his own. Read more


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