Major Concerns About Proliferation of Drones

In a previous post, Growing Demand in Drones Ushers In Stiff Competition, Safety Issues, we mentioned about how the increasing demand in drones is attracting stiff competition among drone makers and likewise several major concerns.

Here are some of those important concerns with regards to the use of drones.

– Concerns about safety in the air – One article noted a sharp increase in reports being received by the government regarding drones flying near airplanes and helicopters or close to airports without permission, stating that such reports were unusual just two years ago.  See more here:

– Concerns about national security
New York police are concerned drones could become tools for terrorists, and are investigating ways to stop potential attacks. Until now police haven’t acknowledged drones as a potential weapon, but the NYPD has now said the technology has advanced enough that someone could use them to carry out an air assault using chemical weapons and firearms. Read more here:

The UK is also concerned about such threats, the BBC reported in an article.
The use of drones in the UK will rise over the next 20 years, raising “significant safety, security, and privacy concerns”, a report has said. The University of Birmingham Policy Commission Report raised the prospect that the aircraft could be used by terror groups to attack public events. However, it also acknowledged greater use could bring “significant benefits” to the UK’s security and economy. It called for “urgent” measures to safeguard British airspace and privacy. Read more here:

– Concerns about privacy
An Australian sunbather wearing only a thong found herself featured in a neighbor’s home listing after a Realtor used a drone to take aerial photographs of the property next door. The incident was featured in Aussie newspapers this week, along with an enlarged photo of said thong. While the advertisement was an accident, the unintentional thong photo points out general privacy concerns with drones and raises more issues with how they are used commercially. See more here:

These are only some of the stories highlighting the above-mentioned issues regarding drone usage. Specifically in the real estate marketing, irresponsible use of drones that put privacy at risk stands to destroy the chance of  those who’d like to offer their drone photography services in getting the FAA to approve the commercial use of drones.

Now the bad news is it seems there will be more stringent measures coming up for drone users. A recent article says that following a National Transportation Safety Board ruling last week that placed the power to regulate small drones squarely in the hands of the Federal Aviation Administration, the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that long-awaited rules regulating commercial drones are expected to be narrowly focused and stringent, keeping drones below 400 feet and within the operator’s line of sight…Photography drones weighing less than five pounds, such as the now ubiquitous DJI Phantom series quadrotor, will likely be regulated the same way as much larger, gas-powered drones like Boeing’s 40-pound ScanEagle, the report continues. Read more here:

With that, uav aerial photography services may be put legally on hold, which can be frustrating.


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