Drones As Vital Aids in Saving Lives

This is one feel-good story about drones, one that will surely help erase the negative impression attached to drones, making people realize that these unmmanned aerial vehicles are good after all, especially in saving lives. A drone came to the aid of a window washer in Abu Dhabi, thus saving his life.

On Tuesday, a window washer in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, was 10 floors up the side of a skyscraper when his lift malfunctioned. According to one of the officials who came to his aid, the window washer attempted to leave the faulty platform he was working on and was holding onto a window in fear. After clearing out the area, police flew a drone owned by the Abu Dhabi Police (apparently this is a thing that police departments own now) up to where the man was stuck, Yahoo Tech reported.

“The hi-tech device was flown to the man’s aid,” the official said. Using the drone’s audio and visual capabilities, the official added, rescuers were able to “calm down the cleaner and instruct him on how to deal with the situation”. Police said that after the fault in the cleaning cradle was identified using the drone’s cameras and microphone, emergency crews were able to talk the man through how to fix it and get him down safety. Read more here

The incident has shown that incorporating a touch of ingenuity and practicality in their approach and usage of drones, such as attaching a microphone to the drone, greatly enhances the rescue work of Abu Dhabi’s police force and is an invaluable service to their citizens. Having a microphone to complement a drone camera comes in handy in emergency cases such as this.

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