Drone Photography Services Make Weddings Unique

Today, drone photography services make weddings unique and truly memorable.

Drones are perhaps the buzziest trend in wedding photography. A growing number of photographers offer drones that can fly around to snap unique bird’s-eye-view vistas and capture the entire group of guests with ease. Though some photographers openly advertise their drone services, the practice may not be legal; the Federal Aviation Administration bans the use of drones for commercial purposes with prior approval from the agency. Read more here

One may wonder though about these aerial photography prices – are they affordable enough? According to an article on Bustle, but while the drone photos are certainly distinctive, they don’t come cheap. Stierman charges $300 for a 30-minute drone shoot, which they can conduct anywhere in the United States. Of course, part of the high cost is due to the extensive set-up process each drone shoot requires. Read more here

Indeed, wedding shots taken by drones offer a special array of hi-tech photos, so perhaps no matter how expensive drone wedding photography is, the demand will continue to rise.


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