WingBoard Project – An Aerial Sport Drone in the Making

A special drone project that aims to take aerial sport to a more exciting level of adventure takes inspiration from a  Disney Animated series, TaleSpin, in which the character Kit Cloudkicker is carving through the sky on his airfoil.

The Wingboard Project is all about turning into reality the exciting idea of being able to surf the sky on a Wingboard drone. Whether it’s wakeboarding, gliding, skydiving, wing walking, or flying with a wingsuit, adventure enthusiasts continue to push the envelope. The WingBoard takes the thrill of these adventure sports to another dimension, combining the exhilaration of prolonged flight with the rush that comes when you’re in control, it says on the Kickstarter site.

The project is divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: 1/6th scale model to prove aerodynamics – Complete
  • Phase 2: 40% model to prove safety features – In Fundraising
  • Phase 3: Full scale prototype – Starting Fall 2015

It will be successfully funded if at least $32,000 is pledged by . With 3 days to go and 41 backers so far, the Wingboard project has only garnered $4,636 pledged of the $32,000 goal. Thus, the team behind the project are hoping for more pledges to make their vision of sparking the next revolution in aerial sports a reality.

Phase 2 which is currently ongoing through the fundraising event at Kisckstarter involves of developing a a ~40% scale model to test and refine all of the safety features, normal operating procedures, and emergency procedures and measure the forces on a fully articulated human analog to prove that it is safe enough for anyone to fly. They plan to fully instrument the Phase 2 model to measure the forces on the rider, reduce the testing and development of the Phase 3 full-scale manned platform, and prove that anyone is capable of operating the WingBoard.

For those interested to become part of this adventurous project, go and see here what the Wingboard Project is all about, and feel the thrill of creating the first of its kind sports drone. Exciting rewards also await pledgers.


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