Wearable Drone: A Different Kind of Flying Cam

A different kind of drone, a flying camera, is still in its development stage, but it sounds so intriguing that some are said to be eager to have it even though they are not sure what exactly they will use it for.  This flying cam prototype is said to be the world’s first wearable drone! You can wear this flying drone and record a video on your wrist. When you want it to fly, just press a button and it pops off your arm and flies away, tracking your movement. According to the Nixie website, this product is in early development and there is no info about when this drone will be available or what it will cost, according to The Gadgeteer.

What’s the main attraction of this wearable drone by Nixie? The Nixie, which has none of the features of a watch other than wrist-wearability, is a drone for people who like robots as fashion statements, as well as aerial photography.

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