The Sirens Project: Creating Drones for Tornado Research

Here is one drone project, one of the many ongoing drones projects at Kickstarter, called the Sirens Project that is surely worth waiting for, as the project is for developing drones in order to understand tornado dynamics for the purpose of saving lives and properties.

Put up by a team of young engineers led by Warren – the founder, and weather enthusiast, the project’s purpose is to provide meteorologists and engineers with valuable surface data inside of tornadoes that will lead to more reliable warnings and structures, as well as to show the immense applications that unmanned aerial vehicles possess.

What kind of drones is the team developing to enable the effective study of tornadoes? Their drones are specially specially designed and equipped UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) coupled with a sensor package that is able to record barometric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity. Each data point will be related to a specific GPS coordiante, including elevation. In turn, a 3-Dimensional representation of the sensor package inside the tornado will be rendered. This will allow meteorologists and engineers to essentially have access to the first MRI of a tornado.

The design of the tornado drones is patterned after a delta-wing aircraft. What is most interesting though is the documentation of the project. As the team says on their Kickstarter site: In addition to collecting very much needed data, we will also be documenting the project. Every aspect of the project including: design, manufacturing, challenges, and of course the actual intercept will be weaved together into a high definition documentary film. Everyone has a chance to experience this incredible ground breaking project!

So far the project is able to get 59% of it funded, with $5,923 pledged and 9 days more to go, and the team is awaiting for more backers, especially for 1 slot for the ultimate sponsorship package. If you are interested to back this amazing drone project, go to the Sirens Project site at Kickstarter, and get a reward.


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