New drones in the air coming to a town near you!

New drones in the air are coming to town! As drones increasingly captivate the imagination and interest of serious hobbyists, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in various fields, the trend is moving towards building more affordable drones collaboratively on crowdfunding sites, such as the Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Just how effective such collaborative endeavors are can be gleaned at how quickly pledges come up, successfully funding campaigns well beyond their marked goals.

We take a look at some of the latest garage projects built, or being built on crowdfunding sites in the first of a series drones review by The Droneologist.

A. DRONE Product:  The Pocket Drone
Company/Owner: AirDroids
Benefit/s: Powerful enough to carry a high quality action camera and folds up smaller than a 7in tablet; Your personal flying robot
Crowdfunding Site:  Kickstarter
Key Features:
Unique cutting-edge collapsible compact design
Easy to fly and simple to maintain
Lightweight with maximum payload
Ready to fly (RTF) with everything you need out of the box and quick to deploy
Advanced software and systems with autopilot and “follow me” mode
Longest flight time of any multicopter under $500
High quality materials and components
Upgradeable, expandable and hackable
Designed with multiple safety features
Cost: $495
Funding Status/Delivery: It was successfully funded on March 9, 2014: with 1,946 backers, $929,212  pledged of $35,000 goal. Started delivering in June.
Source/s:  click here and here

B. DRONE Product: HEXO+
Crowdfunding Site: Kickstarter
Company/Owner: Squadrone System
Benefit/s: Provides a third person view aerial filming for action sports lovers, movie makers, anyone with a creative mind and love for moving images, “Your Autonomous Aerial Camera”
Key Features:
Easy to use
Smart and autonomous
Designed for action
Extra fast flight
Extra stable
GoPro compatible mount
Optional 360cam mount
Includes The Director’s Toolkit
Cost: Price varies: $499 for early bird ready to fly package (all gone)
$599 – ready to fly for 360cam package
$599 – ready to fly for GoPro mount
$679 – ready to fly for 360cam and GoPro mount
$699 – early bird ready to film package (all gone)
$799 – ready to film package
$999 – ready to film ultimate package
$1,199 – ready to film ultimate + 3-axis gimbal; and
$10,000 – 5 backers can spend a day with the Squadrone team using the drone on snow, dirt or water at the location of the backer’s choice, although the flight is not included. One of these spots has been taken.
Funding Status/Delivery:  It was successfully funded on July 16, 2014: with 2,336 backers, $1,306,902 pledged of $50,000 goal. Estimated delivery is between September till May 2015.
Source/s: click here and here

C. DRONE Product: AirDog
Crowdfunding Site: Kickstarter
Company/Owner: Helico Aerospace Industries US LLC
Benefits: World’s first “Auto-Follow Drone for GoPro Camera, is designed for sports enthusiasts, outdoor fans, and indie moviemakers. It follows you automatically, operates by itself and ensures stable video.
Key Features:
Auto-follow function
Easy to operate
Stabilized video
Foldable body and props
Stay front and center
GoPro ready
Cost: Pre-order price of $1,295 for free delivery by December 2014.
Funding Status/Delivery: It was successfully funded on July 26, 2014: with 1,357 backers, $1,36,177 pledged of $200,000 goal. Estimated delivery is in November 2014.
Source/s: click here and here

D. DRONE Product: PlexiDrone
Crowdfunding Site: Indiegogo
Company/Owner: DreamQii
Benefits: Designed with business in mind – search and rescue, filmmaking, adventure travel and real estate – it is a midrange drone that is commercial operation ready.
Key Features:
GPS Follow Me
Swarming capability
Mobile interface
Clear 360 view
Obstacle avoidance
Developer friendly
Social & Speaks
Customizable payload
Cost: Price varies:
$479 – Early Bird Starter
$659 – Early Bird Pro
$779 – Ultimate Early Bird
$2499 – Swarm Pro
$2999 – Aside from the Plexi Pro, backers get to meet the team and talk everything drones, a hotel room and dinner, courtesy of the team.
Funding Status/Delivery: Campaign is ongoing; it started on October 1 and runs till November 15, 2014. With 44 days left and 63 backers, it has raised $33,220, so far, of its goal of $100,000 through flexible funding. Estimated delivery is March 2015.
Source/s: click here and here and here

From the most affordable, easy to manage drones for beginner serious hobbyists, such as the Pocket Drone to high-end ones for professional users, such as the Hexo+ , drones come in varied styles and uses. Collaborating to develop each of these amazing drones do come with perks as well, on top of being an important part of  making dreams fly high. Watch out for more drones in the making!


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