The Hover Car Drone Project

Currently running for funding at Kickstarter is the so-called Hover Car project — an ambitious project envisioned to create a drone that can rise above the challenge of everyday road traffic literally and the restrictions of the FAA.

According to the project’s creator, Jeremy of Sacramento, CA, this hover car will be as simple to fly as any standard car or truck.  The 4 rotors will rotate in the direction you want to go simplifying the controls.  No flight lessons needed. The hover car will have the ability to fly to any height.

Nothing else specific is given about the prototype being planned except that the creator is only in the engineering phase at the moment but I intend on starting the first prototype as soon as I hear some feedback from you.

Knowing the FAA’s  present overly cautious stance with regards commercial drones, this is one drone that might not likely get the agency’s nod for it seems fanciful; hence, as of the moment, there are not enough backers for the Hover car. With 27 days to, there have been 6 pledgers so far, with $138 pledged of the $100,000 goal. See here for more details:


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