A Call to Responsible Drone Piloting

Interest in the use of drones is expanding with each passing day, and with the growing attraction, the number of near-mishaps involving drones continues to rise as well. The rising number in drone incidents should be a cause for serious concern, and the call to responsible drone piloting be heeded.

In early July, the many drone incidents that were taking place around the time prompted the FAA to issue restrictions on all kinds of drones.

Just recently, another near-collision took place between a drone and a NYPD chopper.  A NYPD helicopter 800 feet in the air had a near-miss with a drone as the cops searched for a missing teenage boy in Brooklyn early Wednesday, law enforcement sources told The Post. The 83rd Precinct was notified, and Isaac Rosa, 34, was arrested for illegally operating the remote-controlled DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter, equipped with a GoPro camera, sources said. “These drones pose a safety threat to aircrafts and the people on board because the pilots do not know they are in their flight pattern,” a law enforcement source said.  – Read more of the story here

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said at a swearing-in ceremony in July that he was concerned about the “terrorism component” regarding drones, raising concern over the idea of “somebody out there effectively joyriding with the drone.”

“I don’t care if that’s through a drone or on the ground,” added New York Mayor Bill de Blasio at the time. “It’s a common-sense matter: when you see an NYPD vehicle, an NYPD helicopter, stay out of the way.” – Read more here

Thus irresponsible use of drones unfairly casts a bad light on drones. Drones don’t hurt people; people hurt people.

The Droneologist (thedroneologist.com), therefore, encourages the Golden Rule, and enjoins every drone user  to observe responsible drone piloting. As James Davis, publisher of The Droneologist, states apropos, “Drones don’t crash into New York helicopters; irresponsible people crash drones into NY helicopters.”


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