Drone Users Group Aim to Promote Positive Use of Drones

As is well-known by now, the number of drone enthusiasts and users is growing by legions, here and around the world. Yet despite the growing fascination for and popularity of civilian drones, many people still harbor negative feelings or attitudes about drones, stemming mainly from the association drones have with the military kind used for killing terrorists, and likewise from concerns on safety and privacy.

Because like-minded individuals tend to band together, so it is with drone users networking together. With over 5,000 members, the Drone User Group Network (DUGN) is one of the world’s largest networks of civilian drone users.  Founded in August 2012 by Timothy Reuter, the network has spread through North America and abroad to Australia, Asia and Europe.

In an interview with MNBC, Timothy Reuter stressed their group aims to promote the positive use of civilian drones, such as in search-and-rescue operations, and remove the negative feelings people have. For example, it is their mission to “teach as many people as they can how to build and operate their own drones within a culture of safety and respectful use, ” Reuter said.

One of the drone organizations belonging to DUGN is the New York City Drone User Group (NYCDUG), organized by Steve Cohen and Timothy Reuter in February 2012. The NYCDUG, of which James Davis, publisher of thedroneologist.com is a member, is an organization for amateur and professional drone users that seeks to promote the responsible use of flying robots for community service, artistic, entrepreneurial, and recreational purposes.

There are countless other meetup groups like them across the US –  San Francisco Drone User Group and the Central Texas Drone User Group, and around the globe, such as the Liverpool Drone User Group, to name a few.

The benefits drone users gain when they join such groups are countless: they learn from one another; share their common experiences; build communities and friendships, draw strength from one another, create more meetup groups about anything.

The succeeding post will discuss future and existing jobs for experts as drone owners, as well as the many ways commercial drones are used. One of the areas in which drones can be a profitable tool is in real estate aerial photography.


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