Benefits of Using Drone Photos vs. Google Earth Images

Aerial photography, specifically for real estate marketing has never been as fascinating as it is today with the use of both drone photography and Google Earth photography. Using Google Earth or drones to capture shots of properties brings real estate to new heights as property sellers provide clients with stunning, never-before-imagined real estate photos.

As to which gives a better view of properties and surroundings, one may ask whether it is drone photography, or Google Earth? Here are some views curated from different sources who are into aerial photography, whether they are into real estate or just simply involved in photography in general, about using either a drone or Google Earth.

One general comment comes from DIY Photography as to the basic difference in shots taken from a drone and from that of Google Earth:  Anything a drone with a camera can see from the air, you can already see right now from Google Earth, from conventional aircraft with a telephoto lens, or from the ground. The only difference is that a drone can provide a unique perspective – and this is especially true for video.  The article also noted drone cameras can fly close to the ground, through a tree, along a wall and then climb.  Read more at:
Another article has the same observation: Of course, the Google Earth shots aren’t nearly as clear as the photo drones – yet!See here:

To add to that description of a drone photo or video, here are more observations regarding drone photography.
The National Geographic points out three main advantages:
a) Drones have allowed us to see things we normally wouldn’t have access to
b) sttunning shots with a bird’s eyeview
c) Drone photography is new visual language; a new way of discovering things and landscapes; depicts a new vision of the world, adding a layer between traditional aerial pictures and ground pictures.
The “dronie,” for example, is a video that starts up close and then quickly pans out and up.
See more at:

A Wall Street Journal article described drone shots as “exhilarating.” Further, it says A drone allows you to move a camera in ways that might otherwise require a helicopter and a Michael Bay budget.
The article also shares 3 ways to take a drone photo:
1.The Dronie == taking a selfie; 1st close up then goes up to take in the breathtaking panorama (The “dronie,” for example, is a video that starts up close and then quickly pans out and up)
2. The Big Reveal == taking a shot from the ground up then over the landscape; and
3. The Panorama
– most have cameras with wide-angle lenses and their propellers sound like swarm of angry bees.
– Both the Phantom 2 Vision+ and Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 give you a bird’s-eye view of what the drone is seeing right on your phone.  See more:

These (drone) photos occupy a sweet spot that simply never existed before, above a crane and below a plane.

Overall, professionals and enthusiasts alike are one in saying drone photos are simply amazing spectular, one of a kind. Click here for some drone photos:

On the other hand, Google Earth is used when you want to explore rich geographical content, want to see satellite images, maps, landscapes, 3D buildings or view satellite images from galaxies in outer space, the Noupe noted. Read more and see also photos taken by Google Earth here:

Benefits of using a Drone in Real Estate:
As a seller, you are able to showcase the property in its entirety, along with its surrounding areas.
Favorable differences from your standard point-and-shoot camera might more effectively show yard size vs. house size, the leveling of the land, angles, quality of roofing, etc – These features may be hard to visualize unless seen from a bird’s eye view. A house on the water is said to be valued around 3 times that of an inland home. The use of a drone that would show proximity to water, would be valuable. See more:

A distinct advantage of using drones in shooting real estate properties is the perspective these shots give, as real estate photographer Larry Malvin of Chicago discovers. According to a Crain’s Chicago Business article, Mr. Malvin, who is based in Northbrook and has been photographing homes for real estate listings for 13 years, recently started using a new gadget for shoots: a 2.8-pound drone with four propellers and, hanging below, a 14-megapixel camera. He appears to be the first real estate photographer in the Chicago area using a drone, which he says depicts houses “with a perspective that doesn’t compare.”

Such perspective is possible because as many drone users have found, and which Marsha Icko Paris, a Coldwell Banker agent in Highland Park also observed, the article above continues. An airplane or helicopter can’t fly as low or as close to a house as a drone can, she notes, and Mr. Malvin’s previous gadget, a tripod 25 feet tall, had to be repositioned for each shot.

Compared with using Google Earth for real estate purposes, a drone shot seems to be more effective, as  noted by Matt Murphy, owner of Boston Virtual Imaging, a company that specializes in a variety of media such as video, photography and property tours. In one interview, he had this to say:
“The most immediate positive result for the real estate industry is that camera-equipped UAVs now allow people to tell stories about listings in ways that they could not previously do. We all have access to Google Earth for aerial imagery. Very high-end listings use full-size helicopters to capture aerial photography and video. However, much of the media captured from helicopters or Google Earth is shot from too high of an altitude to tell the story you want to tell about a listing. That is where UAVs come in.”

Benefits of Using Google Earth for Real Estate:
This description comes from one real estate website, the Connie Barnes Real Estate, which uses Google Earth.
The Connie Barnes Real Estate Marketing Team offers Google Earth Real Estate Flyovers to help buyers easily visualize acreage, parcel boundaries or high value location attributes such as a golf course or lake front location.We can fly over your property, highlighting your location and its special features along the way.

However, as gleaned from varied observations given above, what Google Earth photos provide, drone photos can likewise do so, and much more.

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