Wedding Drones Fast Becoming a Trend

Such is the lure of drones – the friendly kind hobbyists or aerial photographers cater to: owing to stunning, spectacular shots or footage one can take from a drone camera, wedding drones are fast becoming a trend nowadays.

An article on Vogue recently reported:

“…videographers might be on their way out. Video drones have appeared at a few weddings of late, most notably at Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney’s wedding in Cold Spring, New York, violating FAA regulations.”

The FAA has banned all commercial drones, and that includes drones for aerial photography and videography from flying, and users of hobby or personal drones should ask permission from the FAA before they can fly their unmanned aircraft.

The Atlantic noted that New York representative Sean Patrick Maloney reportedly hired a local videography company to operate the drone to get aerial shots of his big day in New York’s picturesque Hudson Valley. In Maloney’s case, and likely in those of many other wedding drone videographers, the purpose was commercial because the videographer was paid for the wedding video. Maloney could be charged with breaking the law.

Thus, despite FAA’s clear ban on commercial drones, clearly there seems to be no stopping the on-going craze, for as another article reported, people now use small quadcopter drones to even shoot photos and videos for their weddings. An Iowa wedding photography company, Picture Perfect Portrait and Design, last week added aerial drone photography to its services to brides and grooms. It charges $400 for a 30-minute drone shoot. “There are endless possibilities for camera angles that no other photographer can get,” owner Dale Stierman reported.


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