FAA Investigating Incident Involving Drone Flown Near Seattle’s Space Needle

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a recent drone incident involving an Amazon employee who flew a drone very near Seattle’s Space needle.

The Federal Aviation Administration told ABC News on Friday that it is looking into reports that a drone recently hovered above the observation deck of Seattle’s famous Space Needle. While curious tourists waved, the mysterious flying object gave security quite a scare, according to 630wpro news report.

The man told police he was employed by Amazon and was visiting the company’s headquarters from out of town, according to the Seattle Police Department’s blog. After speaking with police, he agreed not to fly around the white quad-propeller he purchased at a “hobby shop”, Mashable said in its report.

Incidents like this do give a bad impression about indiscriminate use of private drones, and it all the more raises concerns for privacy invasion, prompting President Obama recently to plan to act on drone privacy regulation.

Hopefully, hobby drone users, especially neophytes, should be more responsible, careful in flying their drones, so as not to further complicate the situation nor compromise it for those who have been using drones in more professional manner.

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