FAA Adds Drones for Real Estate In Its Ban

The FAA has added in its ban the use of drones for real estate.

As part of its effort to clamp down on the commercial use of drones, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has started investigating real estate agencies that use flying robots to take aerial pictures and videos of houses and apartments. Several realtors have received inquiries from the FAA regarding their use of drones, either by phone, letter or even subpoena, according to interviews with several people familiar with drones and the real estate business. Read more here:

The FAA argues brokers can’t use the drones because they haven’t been authorized for commercial use.  “We have a mandate to protect the American people in the air and on the ground, and the public expects us to carry out that mission,” said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta in a memo issued last week. Read more at:

Meanwhile, in a related news, which may all the more embolden the FAA in restricting commercial drones, an aerial photography company figured in a not so pleasant situation.

Portland-based aerial photography company Skyris Imaging found themselves in an awkward situation earlier this week when a not-fully-clothed woman was startled by a camera drone hovering outside of her 26th-floor apartment in Seattle and, naturally, called the police. Skyris Imaging founder Joe Vaughn explained that he was shooting a panoramic view for a developer and was not even pointed towards Pleiss apartment. Read more at:


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