Drones Add More Sparks to Fourth of July Fireworks

Illegal though it is to fly a private hobby drone over crowded places and within vicinities of airports, it did not stop 2 drone hobbyists from flying their drones to capture stunning footage that added more sparks to the Fourth of July fireworks.

South African Jos Stiglingh flew his DJI Phantom 2 drone into the midst of a West Palm Beach, Florida fireworks display, and the resulting footage is stunning – but also illegal. Set to a dramatic Andrea Bocelli aria, the footage shows fireworks exploding sometimes right next to the drone. However, the video has been condemned by critics, who point out that flying a drone into fireworks is not only unsafe, it’s illegal. Read more at:

In Nashville, Tennessee, another man flew his drone through a fireworks display. According to WBIR, Robert Hartline used his $1,300 drone as a marketing stunt for a new carpooling app he is launching in October. Hartline flew his drone through much of the fireworks show, but sadly his battery ran out just prior to the grand finale. However, the video is still rather remarkable, though he did not get as close in proximity as Jos. Read more at:

Seeing the breathtaking footage, one cannot doubt that using drones for aerial photography and videos can offer new perspectives not seen every day, and this is the lure of using drones. It brings aerial photography and videography to new heights.

The four-minute long video surprised every viewer as it showed awesome images of the fireworks from amazingly close distance in the air as the attached camera tried to capture every angle possible of the magnificent images as it took turns and twists. Read more at:

In fact, for special occasions such as the Fourth of July fireworks displays, using drones may be allowed for one does not often see something so close and beautiful that it makes for pure art. However, the danger cannot be overlooked. What if these drones got themselves right into the heart of the fireworks and then burst?  Safety and sensibility should still rule the day.

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