Hollywood Drones Likely Win FAA Approval

Hollywood is asking FAA for exemption from its ban of flying drones for commercial purposes, and it appears that it is most likely to win FAA approval, reports say.

There’s no denying the spectacular shots and videos that are taken by camera drones, and surely these will be a much cheaper fare for Hollywood to use, rather than their usual mode of using helicopters for their aerial videos.

The U.S. government is considering a request from movie and TV producers to let them use unmanned aircraft to shoot aerial video. “Unmanned aircraft systems offer the motion picture and television industry an innovative and safer option for filming,” Neil Fried, senior vice president for the Motion Picture Association of America, said in a written statement. “This new tool for storytellers will allow for creative and exciting aerial shots, and is the latest in a myriad of new technologies being used by our industry to further enhance the viewer experience. Read more here

“If the exemption requests are granted, there could be tangible economic benefits as the agency begins to address the demand for commercial UAS [unmanned aircraft systems] operations,” the FAA said in a statement on Monday. Any exemptions, the agency emphasized, will be limited to “low-risk” drone flights. Most of the commercial drones weigh under 55 pounds and fly less than 6 miles per hour. See more here

If FAA does grant Hollywood its request for the use of camera drones in their filming, what will stop other industries from pushing with their own requests for exemption from the FAA ban? A huge amount of potential economic benefits still lay in wait.

These are also exciting times for drone users, not of the military kind, but those that can bring aerial photography and filming to higher heights, once FAA gives its go-ahead.

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