Food Delivery Via BOT APETIT, A Rover

If Domino’s Pizza plans to use its DomiCopter drone for its pizza delivery, then a social network startup plans to use a rover – the Bot Appetit for its own food delivery.

Fatdoor is the kind of neighborhood social network that would work perfectly in a small, tech-friendly town like Palo Alto, in the heart of Silicon Valley. The robotic elements set Fatdoor apart from other conventional networks. The Bot Appetit is a 3-foot-high rover that moves along sidewalks at a leisurely pace. The rover is connected to the Fatdoor social network and designed to be controlled by your smartphone using both Wi-Fi and 3G. Abhyanker wants cities to purchase Bot Appetits to be shared by the community. Its first use case: food delivery. Read more:

Raj Abhyanker, Fatdoor’s co-founder and chief executive officer, says his company is a private social network, a mobile app, a drone maker, and a builder of autonomous food delivery robots. Fatdoor, though, wants to be the first company to meld them altogether to fulfill Abhyanker’s dream of letting someone order a pizza, fly a drone in formation with other drones, and report crimes in a neighborhood—all from a single smartphone app. Read more:

Ambitious plans indeed, but it would be interesting to see an array of food delivery rovers roaming the neighborhood. As it is, it is still a pipe dream for most, yet who knows how near into the future it will come into fruition.


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