FAA Grounds All Delivery Drones

With Amazon leading the pack, all agog that it will be eventually using drones for its deliveries, comes the FAA decision to ground all delivery drones.

In a memo released by the Federal Aviation Administration this week, the agency said that delivery drones used for business purposes will continue to be banned until further notice. In the F.A.A. memo, titled “Interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft,” the agency said that since 2007, the commercial use of drones has been illegal in the United States and would remain so until further notice. Read more at

The 17-page document relates primarily to the agency’s interpretation of drones that qualify as “model aircraft.” This is particularly important because the FAA is prohibited from issuing any rule or regulation about a model aircraft. In addition to certain specs –– the weight of the device, for instance –– the model aircraft must be flown strictly for “hobby or recreational use.” The document includes a table showing activities that are clearly “hobby or recreation,” and those that are not. Read more at

Thus, this has caused hobbyists and anyone with interest in drones to be upset and are said to be gearing up for a fight against these rules of the FAA.

Drone hobbyists, prospective commercial drone operators, and even model aircraft old-schoolers are looking at Monday’s Federal Aviation Administration action, in which the FAA tries to greatly restrict hobby drone flights and asserts its authority to ban commercial drones, as a declaration of war on the hobby they love. The Academy of Model Aeronautics, itself disliked by many newer drone pilots, absolutely slammed the FAA in a press release issued last night (June 24) Read more

What do you think of the FAA’s grounding of delivery drones until further notice?


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