Drones Join LAPD

Drones are now a part of the LAPD when it only used to have its infamous circling helicopters, it was recently reported.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) announced they had acquired two Draganflyer X6 aircraft as “gifts” from the Seattle Police, the department said on Friday. “These vehicles were purchased by the Seattle Police Department using federal grants. There was no cost to the city of Los Angeles,” CBS Los Angeles cites police as saying. The 3.5-lbs. UAV, which looks like a small helicopter, is about three-feet-wide and boasts a camera, video recorder and infrared night-vision capabilities. Read more at

Los Angeles officials said they would conduct a review before deciding whether to ever use the drones. “The review would only consider narrow and prescribed uses to prevent imminent bodily harm, for example, a hostage situation or barricaded armed suspect,” the LAPD said in a statement.  Read more:

In another part of the state, leaders have another chance to be at the forefront of drone research, and they’re taking pains to ensure they don’t repeat the mistakes they believe doomed their first bid. A handful of San Diego and state-level officials attended meetings in Virginia this week to learn more about an FAA solicitation seeking a region to lead a national research network that’ll help the federal agency develop long-awaited rules for drone flights. California has yet to formalize a bid but is busy building a statewide coalition. Read more at

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