Drones for Businesses Cannot Be Grounded Any Longer

Drones meant for businesses or commercial purposes cannot be kept grounded any longer, with or without FAA’s issuance of approval and clear regulations, as far as business owners are concerned.

Some Bay State businesses are already putting drones in the air to boost their bottom line as the Federal Aviation Administration hints it may be open to some commercial uses of the hovering craft. Dan Kara, a robotics and drone industry analyst with Myria Research, said the FAA is under pressure to clarify the guidelines because many, from individual real estate agents to Amazon.com, are using or expressing interest in making drones part of their toolkit. “It’s happening organically,” Kara said. Read more here

A group of volunteer firefighters from Sheboygan County would like to begin using unmanned drones to assist in fighting and investigating fires, reports sheboyganpress.com  Group members say that despite the negative publicity that unmanned drones have attracted in recent years, they see it as a way to keep firefighters safer by flying in spaces that are dangerous for emergency crews to access, while also adding another tool to make them more effective in their work. Read more here

In Oklahoma, interest in drones is also growing because of its foreseen benefits. Garvin County’s recent purchase of a drone is thought to be the first purchase of a drone by a public agency in the state other than a university. The cost of the drone is minimal — $2,300 — but drones have the potential to save lives and property. Drones can reach sites faster than emergency vehicles because they can fly in a straight line. Read more at

With FAA hinting that it may allow Hollywood to use drones for filmmaking, other eager users can hardly wait, and have started using drones to bring their respective businesses to a higher level, so to speak.

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