Drone Users Set On Fighting Against FAA’s Latest Ruling

Now that the FAA has banned the use of delivery drones until further notice and has also greatly restricted hobby drones from flying near airports and over crowds, drone users are set to fight against these latest FAA rulings.

The nation’s largest model aircraft group, which has existed longer than the FAA itself and has partnered with the FAA on proposed drone rules, just blasted the agency’s guidance, saying it threatens the entire hobby, from quadcopters to WWI replica biplanes. “AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) cannot support this rule,” the group’s executive director, Dave Mathewson, said in a statement. “It is at best ill-conceived and at worst intentionally punitive and retaliatory. The Academy strongly requests the FAA reconsider this action. The AMA will pursue all available recourse to dissuade enactment of this rule.” Read more

The same news above also mentions that drone hobbyists have talked about organizing to push back against the FAA’s latest attempt to make rules without the public’s consent or consultation.

One specific reason drone hobbyists are not happy with FAA’s rulings on small drones is its contention that a toy plane equipped with a camera is no longer a “model aircraft.” This week’s FAA notice not only reiterates the FAA’s position that the definition of “model aircraft” requires that the flying be only for recreation, the agency now asserts that the operator must be looking directly at the model in flight, not piloting it with video goggles or other other high-tech vision aids. By logical extension, that must mean that flying a video-camera-equipped model airplane or ‘copter using, say, an iPad screen or a video monitor of any type makes it no longer fit the FAA’s definition of a model aircraft. Read more at

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