Drone Flown Over PNC Park Drew FAA and Police Investigations

Hobby drones just keep taking to the skies as there seems to be no stopping them, some of whom having been flown recklessly, finally prompting the FAA to release its first set of restrictions. Even then another drone was caught flying over the PNC Park which drew both FAA and police investigations.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the appearance of an unmanned drone hovering over PNC Park during a game between the Pirates and the New York Mets, the organization announced Friday. The drone drew a lot of attention from fans, made an appearance on the Root Sports broadcast and ended its flight after police intervention. Read more:

Pirates staff saw the drone hover over the ballpark during Thursday evening’s game and alerted police, team spokesman Brian Warecki said. The unidentified man complied with the request, and police did not arrest him or issue any citations. The drone was a DJI Phantom model quadcopter carrying a GoPro camera. Read more:

According to FAA’s restrictions, hobby or recreational drones should stay away from airports and crowds. See more:
The attention given by FAA to this latest incident should serve as serious reminder to drone hobbyists to abide by the restrictions set by the agency as the risks of flying drones over crowded places such as the PNC park are greater than the satisfaction of indulging in this interesting recreation.
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