Domino’s DomiCopter Tested for Pizza Delivery

Domino’s is bent on taking their pizza delivery to new heights — with the testing of its DomiCopter, a drone designed to deliver pizza to your doorstep.

In perhaps the first bit of “technological research” to involve flying pepperoni, Domino’s has developed a drone capable of delivering pizzas. While the idea is likely just a PR stunt, a Domino’s (DPZ) franchise in the United Kingdom posted a video on Monday of the unmanned “DomiCopter” actually delivering two pizzas in the company’s signature Heatwave bags. Read more:

The company’s DomiCopter—a joint effort by U.K. drone specialist AeroSight, Big Communications and creative agency T + Biscuits—is an eco-friendly machine capable of carrying pizzas in heatwave bags for impressive distances without refueling, similar to how a swallow would carry a coconut. See here

This concept of having a drone deliver pizza to one’s location is rather absurd to many, but one concern is the possibility of having manual labor be replaced by drones. What will happen if and when delivery personnel will no longer be needed? Will drones be taking over people’s jobs in the future?

If so, it is nothing new because technology has been rendering various forms of manual labor occupations obsolete for millennia. It is just happening faster now than before.

One thing is clear though — opportunities in science and technology are indeed growing. At least for the time being, drones for delivery – be it for food or books – or for any commercial use, cannot take off as yet to U.S. skies pending FAA’s approval, so delivery guys are still going to be very, very much in demand.

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