DJI Phantom Drone and Epson Moverio Smartglasses

For enthusiasts, flying a drone fit for aerial photography and capturing exciting videos, just like the DJI Phantom drone provides an experience like no other.

Now here comes Epson Moverio Smartglasses to make the experience more surrealistic and practical, too. Once you have the new Moverio BT-200 Smartglasses connected to the DJI Phantom drone, you no longer have to look down at the smartphone mounted to your controller to see streaming video and control data. Overcoming a significant problem in which the display of the smartphone is virtually unreadable on a bright sunny day.  The Moverio BT-200 FPV goggles solution provides either an unobstructed view of your drone with the overlay of the streaming  video and control data, or an immersive FPV cockpit experience by simply affixing the provided dark tinted lens to your Smartglasses to provide an even brighter, higher contrast video image. Read more here

Epson’s Jen says that developing for Moverio isn’t any more difficult than building a mobile app. That could unlock uses for entertainment, gaming and other consumer applications, but Epson thinks it could have an even bigger impact on big organizations. That’s why Epson has been courting companies, developers and early adopters.¬† See more at

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