Weekly Roundup: Lifestyle Drones and Hurricanes

Drones have entered the lifestyle of even the rich and famous, one Las Vegas club, and have become tools of hurricane research as well. These are just some of the interesting tidbits about drones picked up for this weekly roundup.

1. Martha Stewart’s latest lifestyle tip: a drone of your own

Lifestyle diva Martha Stewart has a drone. Over the canapes at Hermès this week, Martha revealed to Vanity Fair that she has a drone. She directs it to traverse the skies over her estate and take “wonderful aerial photos”.  Well why not?  A beautiful estate such as hers deserves fantastic shots taken at angles only a drone can manage.


Not to be outdone, Las Vegas club Marquee was reported to have used a drone for its bottle service. Whether or not Marquee is looking to cut costs on staff is unknown (we’re guessing, probably not), but a video showing a drone delivering a bottle of champagne to a pool party may well be a pre-cursor to the future of Vegas’ prestigious clubs.

3. Drones are newest hurricane research tools

Owing to its capability to fly where no man dares to, – the point where the roiling ocean meets the fury of a hurricane’s winds may hold the key to improving storm intensity forecasts — but it’s nearly impossible for scientists to see.

That may change this summer, thanks to post-Hurricane Sandy federal funding and a handful of winged drones that can spend hours spiraling in a hurricane’s dark places, transmitting data that could help forecasters understand what makes some storms fizzle while others strengthen into monsters.

4. Drone’s latest job: Hurricane forecast

In a related news, the amount of data the 3-foot, 7-pound drone — the Coyote, shaped like a thin missile with retractable wings — could collect in the lowest parts of a hurricane would give researchers a movie, Cione said.

The drones have a propeller and are controlled by someone in the hurricane hunter aircraft, but they are designed to float on air currents, not fly against strong winds. And the small drones are disposable.

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