Drones of the Lethal Kind

Even with the proliferation of hobby drones, as well as drones for professionals, and commercial use, and fascination for drones are increasingly becoming widespread, many people still associate drones with warfare, drones of the lethal kind.

Rightly so, perhaps because drones of the lethal kind will continue to be part of the country’s military arsenal, and the armed Predator, with its distinctive bubble near the nose and sensor ball underneath, is the iconic image of drone warfare. Though the CIA and Air Force now fly an updated version of the Predator — named Reaper — the drone is still relatively easy to detect, and easy to shoot down, at least for a country with a modern military. Under development, however, is a new generation of drones that will be able to penetrate the air defenses of even sophisticated nations, spotting nuclear facilities, and tracking down — and possibly killing — terrorist leaders, silently from high altitudes. Read more here

However, these developments in drone warfare technology, have also raised concerns from human rights advocates, and from drone pilots who some of them have been reported to suffer PTSD after coming back home from the battle field.

With the unexpected support of a small but growing group of former drone pilots, a campaign against “targeted killings” might well take on a new life in the U.S. At least six other drone pilots have already spoken anonymously to Woods, largely confirming what Bryant and Haas have said publicly. Read more here

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