Drone Lobby Presses Government for the Use of Commercial Drones

The use of commercial drones in the United States is still banned by FAA, thus a growing drone lobby in Washington, and its members are coming from all over. According to Bloomberg, movie studios have been seeing drone regulations as an important issue, as access to them could allow for aerial photography to be done with less expense. “I would say it’s a priority for all the major studios,” a spokesperson for the Motion Picture Association of America tells Bloomberg. And studios are putting their money behind it. Allowing drone use for filmmaking is among the issues that the MPAA has been lobbying for across 2012 and 2013, with its overall lobbying effort reportedly totally $4.11 million. Read more at

The news article above also mentions Amazon as among those lobbying for the legal use of commercial drones, since it announced it would use drones for its delivery services.

There are a total of 68 groups currently lobbying regulators to legalize drones, split in half between defense and non-defense groups. 28 are actually universities and local governments who want the opportunity to build drone-friendly test facilities. Farmers are also getting in on the action. The National Agricultural Aviation Association wants to replace crop dusters with drones. Read more at

“Drones could be used for good or evil, so we need rules in place so we know what’s permissible,” Mason Clutter, national security and privacy counsel at the Washington-based National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, said in an interview. Her group advocates limits on police use of drones. See more at

Indeed, rules need to be in place, but soon before the skies could become a ‘wild wild west’ up there.


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