The Black Knight Transformer Rounds Off Firsts Flights

A drone with a noble mission – to evacuate the wounded and to resupply cargo – will in future make its way to the dronespehere. Enter the Black Knight Transformer, the world’s largest, heaviest drone so far; an aerial drone and land rover in one.

The AT Black Knight Transformer completed driving tests in December 2013 and completed its first flight tests in March 2014. The Black Knight Transformer is the world’s largest multicopter that is controlled and stabilized with propeller speed. The aircraft has a maximum takeoff weight of 4,400 lb. Read more at:

If the term ‘military drones’ can elicit shivers down the spines of people who only think drones are for killing enemies in war zones, the Black Knight Transformer by Advanced Tactics will surely dispel such notions, for the name itself conjures images of a daring hero in shining black armor, as well as the popular comic characters the Transformers way back in the 1980s.

Indeed, the AT Black Knight Transformer is one such hero. Touted by its makers as the world’s first roadable vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, it is specifically designed to cruise at up to 150 mph in the air on autonomous medical evacuation and resupply missions. On the ground, the transformer can be driven just like a normal truck. Read more at:

The Black Knight Transformer may look like a Go-Go-Gadget boxcar on wheels, but the autonomous machine is only in the first stages of development. previously reported that the U.S. military hopes to use the Transformer to fill the need of a “Multi-Mission Medical and Casualty Evacuation Unmanned Air Vehicle/Unmanned Ground Vehicle.”  See here

In a series of hover tests, the Black Knight’s autopilot brought its rotors up to speed and lifted off, maintaining a maximum height of 10 feet for safety. Though a remote human pilot was present, the autopilot did the lion’s share of the work on its own. Read more at:

Such is Advanced Tactics’ patented transformer technology, and with its unique capabilities, the Black Knight Transformer drone can be sent not only on military missions of evacuation and resupply, but may also transform itself into a civilian hero in times of civil disasters.


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