Bebop AR Drone 3.0: Flying Camera Drone

Welcome the newest, 3rd generation AR Drone from Parrot, Bepop, the AR Drone 3.

The French company’s new Bebop drone sports full HD video and cutting-edge image stabilization with a wide-angle 180-degree view. Like Parrot’s other hobby drones, you control Bebop via an app on an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. What sets Bebop apart is the 14 megapixel fish-eye lens that captures and streams live HD views of its flight to the device you’re using to pilot it and the stability Parrot is claiming, which is achieved by several on-board sensors — all in a device that weighs less than a pound. Read more at

It’s essentially a flying camera drone that can even pipe imagery directly into an Oculus Rift headset, taking flying in the clouds to a whole new level. thanks to the 180-degree field of vision allowed by the fisheye lens, the software captures more video than it needs. It then uses home-brew software to cut out the desired bits and discard the rest. This allows the angle of view to remain fixed even if the drone is swaying in the wind. This setup gives the Bebop a unique selling point over competitors.Read more at

This latest drone which was showed off at Old Mint, in downtown San Francisco for a special press event in Thursday, is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Parrot is also introducing an accompanying Wi-Fi skycontroller (remote control) which can extend Bepop Drone’s range to up to 1.2 miles. From the demonstration, it is pretty much clear that the latest Bepop Drone can be used as a personal aerial surveillance system. See more at

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