Pocket Drone: World’s First Folding Copter is Coming

Here’s good news for photographers and other hobbyists out there. The much-awaited Pocket Drone by Airdroids will hit the market in summer 2014. According to Airdroids, the Pocket Drone is your personal flying robot; it goes wherever you do.

The Pocket Drone is touted to become the world’s first folding “multicopter” that’s powerful enough to carry a quality digital camera and fold up to fit snuggly in a cargo pocket or backpack. The mission of the company’s creators, Tim Reuter, TJ Johnson and Chance Roth, was to create an alternative to expensive toy drones. “We’re a mission-driven company,” Reuter said. “Our goal is to put flying robots in the hands of as many people as possible. We think it’s empowering to democratize the sky.”  Read the article here

The small camera-carrying flying machine from AirDroids has rocked its $35,000 Kickstarter funding goal with over $240,000 in pledges. The appeal is three-fold: the Pocket Drone can haul an action camera (like a GoPro) for taking video from the sky; it folds down into an incredibly compact form for portability; and a ready-to-fly version of the machine goes for a $495 pledge. Add another hundred bucks and you’ll get an action camera, as well.  Read more here

For photography enthusiasts,  the Pocket Drone is one awesome tool to carry along that will surely draw raves from fans for its uniqueness, sleek style and cost; a nice cool toy that fits the pocket without draining a hole in it.


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