What the Future Holds for Commercial Drones

Commercial drones are predicted to create big impacts on a number of industries, notably the retail and e-commerce industries, the Business Insider reports.

They (drones) will soon begin taking on much larger roles for businesses and some individual consumers, from delivering groceries to revolutionizing private security, to changing the way farmers manage their crops — perhaps even aerial advertising. Retail and e-commerce — along with the related logistics and shipping industries — arguably have the most at stake in the wide deployment of civilian and commercial unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. Drones might be the missing link in the shipping chain that allows for nearly immediate e-commerce deliveries.
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The potential for the rising, yet controversial drone industry is huge. Technological developments as well as decreased operating costs will likely boost the use of unmanned aircraft systems for commercial purposes. The opportunities presented by the drone industry have also attracted significant investment. According to data provided to Bloomberg News by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association in November 2013, US venture investors poured USD40.9 million into drone-related startups in the first nine months of 2013.   See more at 

It is not only in the United States that drones are making waves; in fact, the use of commercial drones, most of them small, is starting to spread to countries where authorities have decided the aircraft presents little threat if operators follow a few safety rules. The drone industry and some members of Congress are worried the United States will be one of the last countries, rather than one of the first, to gain the economic benefits of the technology. Read more here

That may be so, for there are still rough spots and considerable concerns regarding the use of drones for commercial purposes that need to be addressed.

With laws essentially banning the commercial use of drones in this country, the FAA is negotiating a political and technical minefield to figure out how to regulate this booming and controversial technology, with a resolution expected as early as this year.  Drones come with other baggage: Many Americans are outraged by the military’s use of UAVs to take out targets in foreign countries. In addition, privacy groups have raised alarms about government agencies and police departments using UAVs in ways that could violate civil rights. While UAV supporters say such abuses would be outweighed by the benefits, some worry that anyone with an inexpensive drone and camera could fly it over the backyard fence and spy on their neighbor.  Read more of this article 

Concerns notwithstanding, we see commercial drones taking off in due time, changing the sights and sounds of the business horizon.

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