Drones Bring Real Estate Photography to New Heights

Recently, drones have caught the attention of the public through the much anticipated Amazon Prime Air, and now they’ve found their way into other commercial applications, more specifically photography, as it relates to architectural design.
What does this mean for high end real estate photography? It means no more renting cranes, low risk aerial photography, and no more skydiving (wait, they don’t do that?!). Providing that the place you work has drone friendly aviation laws and you have the investment money, this could be a huge asset to your business. Drones let photographers treat a building as an object rather than a complex struggle for the right angle, and they will likely give their owners a leg up in the market. Shooting from the sky not only captures a unique angle, but it gives buildings context in their surroundings. Clients may ask “I know you’ve been doing this for 15 years and you have some impressive equipment, but do you have a drone?”

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