Meet Ingenuity, the First Ever Drone Helicopter in Mars

Drones have come a long way from being tools of warfare, for not only are they a usual sight in the skies, but also on land, underground, and undersea. But yet another feat – drones will soon conquer space beyond our planet Earth, with the introduction of Ingenuity, the first ever drone helicopter built and designed for use on planet Mars.

According to news, Perseverance rover landed safely on Mars on Thursday at 3:56 p.m. ET, carrying on its belly a 4-pound drone helicopter known as Ingenuity. It will be the first powered flight by a drone on any planet beyond Earth, after surviving the rover’s landing. In coming weeks it will perform its test functions in the thin Martian atmosphere, about 1% the density of Earth’s atmosphere. – Read more.

Watch the video below:

With NASA’s continuous exploration of Mars, more so with the help of Ingenuity, this indeed opens great possibilities, as one article asserts. If the test flights are successful – or even if they’re not – Ingenuity could open up tantalizing new possibilities for how we explore the red planet and other parts of the solar system in the future. Likewise, the same article continues to say that bringing a drone helicopter to Mars is a “feat of a flight” – mainly due to the difference between Earth and Mars. –Read more.

The four-pound drone, built for about $80 million, probably won’t outshine the 2,200-pound rover, with its budget somewhere north of $2.46 billion and its ambitious goals. But the drone’s mission is refreshingly simple. It has been sent to fly—probably no more than 20-30 feet high and 1,000 feet horizontally, and for no more than 90 seconds at a time. – Read more.

An authority in the field of EMS (Emergency Medical Services) sees the sending of the first drone ever into space as having implications on their industry. Drones have proven to be useful in transporting medical supplies throughout Europe and Canada and are now starting to play a key role in the United States.[…]  The future is now for visionary EMS leaders who realize and jump on board this important new transportation and equipment resource. – Read more.

This 2-year mission of Perseverance, according to a news article, could answer important questions about the history of Mars and its evolution. But it is also a crucial step toward NASA’s goal of sending humans to explore the red planet. –Read more.

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