An Airport for Drones and Flying Taxis In England Is a First in the World

Drones and flying taxis will soon have their own airport hub in England, a first in the world.

The Engineer reported late last month that the project has been launched by Urban Air Port, a subsidiary of sustainable tech company small (Six Miles Across London Limited) in partnership with Hyundai Motor Company, Coventry City Council and the UK government. – Read more here.

The British government has given its approval to Hyundai and Urban Air Port to build the world’s first eVTOL hub. Set to launch later this year, the facility won’t just act as a port for eVTOL crafts and autonomous delivery drones, but also demonstrate the full potential of sustainable urban air mobility in the UK and beyond. – Read more.

In an interview with Science Focus, Ricky Sandhu, CEO of Urban Air Port, explained his vision of providing a green, clean remedy to our cities’ groaning infrastructure. “When I first started working on this, my commute was just six miles across London, but it was polluted, congested and took over an hour. So I was just driven by passion and a sense of responsibility that we ought to be developing smarter, cleaner and greener ways to move around our cities,” he said. – Read more.

Here is an excerpt from a press release about the project:

The Future Flight Challenge has been created to develop aviation infrastructure and systems that enable the next generation of electric and autonomous air vehicles. Air-One® is a world-first fully-operational hub for future electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft – such as cargo drones and air taxis – to be launched in Coventry later this year.

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