The Best Features to Look for in a Photography Drone

It is 2021 and some of you may be thinking of starting a new hobby, such as drone photography. If so, let this article guide you on what best features to look for in a photography drone.

According to this article by Canva, the two most common types of drones you can choose from are those with a built-in or on-board camera and those of which you can attach your own. Drones with a built-in camera are often larger, and their cameras might not have a very high resolution—which can compromise the quality of your photos. Smaller drones which allow you to attach your own camera, such as a GoPro, on the other hand, could be easier to manage since you already have the hang of your camera and really only need to learn how to fly.

When looking for a photography drone, just know that most drones are fitted with a camera or have the ability to mount an external camera, says this guide article. […]If the drone you are considering comes with its own camera, you have a few more issues to consider. Check out the camera specifications, paying attention to shutter speed, frame rate, aperture, and image stabilization. All of these factors will affect the quality of the photos you can take.

The same article also mentions that if you are buying a drone with a built-in camera, choose one that can transmit a live feed either to an LCD screen built into the transmitter or to your smartphone/ tablet. And if you choose a drone with a camera mount, make sure that any camera you use has the same capability to transmit a live feed.

Check out this article for the best drones for beginners for 2021. Topping their list is DJI Mini 2. Though it’s pretty pricey for an entry-level option, it’s also very accessible, offers a good flight time from a single charge and can capture smooth 4K footage with ease.

It is indeed better to invest in a basic camera drone, if you are starting on your new drone photography hobby. […] basic camera drones offer good flying abilities to help you get accustomed to the art. They offer more basic technologies, although some of these drones can be surprisingly powerful and can even include high-end features such as collision avoidance or an adjustable camera. With a low resolution camera built in, basic camera drones give you the ability to enter the world of aerial photography without breaking the bank. – Read more.

Meanwhile, here are more tips for you to help you get started with drone photography..

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