Top 3 Things Drones Do During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Civilian drones have never been as useful as a means of saving lives as in this time of the pandemic crisis. The crisis has put drones on the center stage and portrayed as heroes because of the numerous contribution they can do in stopping the spread of the dreaded COVID-19.

Deliver medical supplies

In early May, the UK government said that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) could be ferrying vital personal protective equipment (PPE) from the English mainland to NHS staff on the Isle of Wight as soon as early May. The Windracers Ultra fixed-wing drones, which can transport 100kg for over 600 miles, should be able to make the crossing in ten to 15 minutes. – Read the full story here

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The US is not far behind with Zipline drones.

According to BBC, it is the first time the FAA has allowed beyond-line-of-sight drone deliveries in the US. Experts say the pandemic could help ease some drone-flight regulations. Zipline, which has been negotiating with the FAA, wants to expand to other hospitals and eventually offer deliveries to people’s homes. – Read more here

Assist police departments

Around the same time too in the US, some states such as California, Florida and New Jersey, police departments started using drones in their fight against COVID-19 by sending messages to the homeless and reminding people to stay apart and observe physical distancing. – Read the story in full here

Just recently, also in the US, a done company based in Virginia Beach is testing how drones could be used in this pandemic time.

DroneUp LLC, which specialized in unmanned aerial systems, entered a partnership to test how it can fight the spread of COVID-19 and support the social distancing protocols instituted nationwide. – Read more of the story here

Check physical conditions

Aside from delivering medical supplies and warning people if they get too close, drones can also check body temperature, heart rate, and even your cough.

With their capacity to deliver essential goods during this time of the pandemic, the big question now is whether drones will be fully adopted by the retail industry.  There are pros and cons to this issue. More on this in a future article.


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