Our Future with Drones

At present, there is a general mode of resistance to drones – hence, the rise in the anti-drone movement, but in the next ten years or so, it is seen that drone technology will be one of the big technologies that will transform the world.

It will have expanded its applications for drones being merely flying cameras to tools for deliveries, and people will have mostly warmed up to them, according to this article.

β€œPeople have said that because drone deliveries are out of the ordinary, they will never happen,” says (Computer scientist Kevin) Curran. β€œBut when the tech is rolled out and people see their friends use it, they will be happy to allow drones to land on the lawn, detach the parcel, send it back up, and keep the kids well back. I honestly think it will happen.”

He predicts that the other big application for drones will be in healthcare, where some pilot studies have already been conducted with drone ambulances delivering supplies such as defibrillator equipment to the scene of an accident – although drones probably won’t be airlifting crash victims to hospital.

An aerial photo taken by a drone


The realty industry is another area where drones are making great impact, and will continue to do so.

As drones are increasingly finding usage in every other industry, realty too has made a humble contribution to DJI’s fortunes. Yes. Drones are fast becoming a popular way to capture aerial views of properties, helping developers offer potential customers a panoramic view of their prospective homes/office spaces etc. – Read more at:

Without doubt, even outside real estate marketing, drones for aerial photography services, or for capturing awesome shots for plain fun, hold the most fascination for many drone enthusiasts.

Visual media student Nicholas Kundrat installed a Fujifilm Instax camera onto a DJI Flame Wheel F450, creating a film and drone hybrid that actually allows unsuspecting subjects to see the images instantly – after they flutter down to the ground, that is. – Read more at:

The drone market will boost the economy as more and more businesses will join the game.

The continued growth in the toy/hobbyist and prosumer Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) sector is forecasted to exceed 90 million units and generate $4.6 billion in revenue by 2025, according to ABI Research. With so much potential, it was only a matter of time before companies in different segments entered the market, which is what Xiaomi, the Chinese mobile/electronics company, has done with the Mi Drone. Read more:

The future looks ripe indeed for drones in the air, and “it behooves everyone to ensure the drone industry will continue its flight to greater heights by always observing safe, responsible drone flying,” James Davis of The Droneologist said.


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