The Future of the Personal Drone

What is the future of the personal drone? As with computers, drones have evolved to feature better technology in addition to being much easier to use. Utilized by the United States military for decades, the personal drone is increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Let’s review a few of these reasons in hopes of formulating a prediction of the personal drone’s future:


The aerial vehicles give farmers the ability to enjoy a bird’s eye view of their land. This means they don’t have to walk their entire property, which oftentimes is acres upon acres, for surveying purposes. Drones make it easy to identify which areas require extra water, sun, or fertilizer, resulting in more economically-conscious farming.

“Bird’s eye” view benefits also apply to professionals such as engineers and architects, and allow them to do their work with additional precision.

Ecologists, Activists, and Public Servants 

Drones make it possible for ecologists and activists to film and capture images of deforestation and poaching much more easily in hopes of ending such abuses. They also function as helpful aids to public servants such as firefighters and search and rescue responders, as they effectively survey buildings and other dangerous areas for missing and injured persons.

Photographers and Filmographers 

Drones have opened a whole new door for photographers and filmmakers, both professional and amateur alike. The small, pilotless aerial vehicles make it possible to show us the world in an entirely new way, and provide images and videos once thought impossible to capture. The film and photography landscape is expanding every day as the result of personal photography drones.

Privacy and Safety Issues

In regards to the privacy and safety problems drones present, steps are being taken to rectify the issues. For example, NASA has been developing an air traffic control system for drones so they automatically respond to geofenced areas.

The Future

These are just some of the ways drones are shaping the future. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos created a stir in late 2013 when he suggested drones as a way of delivering products to online shoppers. Sales of personal drones have increased significantly since 2010, and more and more applications will undoubtedly crop up.

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